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POSTED BY:  D'har IN MEMORIAM 19:17  CST  5/7/2006
I never knew him, as he was taken long ago. But I know of him and for that I am thankful. A man journeys only so long, Wandering along singing his song, Wondering when he'll reach his destination, But once he finds his place, He realizes that he only has so long, And he still has so very far to go, So he stops, But only in brief, He goes off to wander again, But must leave it all behind You will never be forgotten.
-- Wandering the Infinite Gulfs of the Universe

POSTED BY:  Yoder WISH WE COULD HAVE MET 18:08  CST  4/9/2006
I wish we could have met.To fill the shoes of all those postions,must have been hard.I wish where ever you are now,turn your head to the vast empire.One quote from me I shall put in for all to read. "Most people in the end want to start at the begining again such as I do quite alot whether in a game or reality you can only know if you have that urge."May his memory and legend of how he was live on as he lives on somewhere else.
-- Texas

POSTED BY:  time wolf LEST WE FORGET 3:31  CST  11/20/2005
Taken down in his prime life stripted away. We live only once may we remember the ones whos time came to soon and never had got to enjoy it. I have lernt one thing with all the death I'v seen. Time waights for no one but deat waights for us all. You will never be forgoten.
-- B.C. Canada

POSTED BY:  Lukas_Yuy TO A LEGEND 11:04  CST  8/26/2005
When I joined the Vast Empire a little over three years ago, I checked this memorial out about Tyler. I always thought about signing it, yet I could never really find the words on what to say about him. Its taken awhile, but I have finally found out the words I can say about this great person. From what I have read and heard about Atrus, he was one heck of a guy and one of a kind. I never got the chance to know him, I am afraid I was too late, but none the less I can always imagine what kind of guy he was. In some ways I can see parts of him in me, because of what he did for the Vast Empire as well as the people in it. I am sure I would have liked him very much, and would have gotten along with him rather well. I checked out his artwork and thought they were spectacular, some of the best I have ever seen. I've have often thought about him from day to day, he's never left my mind..I think it is safe to say that it has been the same for the people who had known him. May you rest in peace, Atrus. Your heart, mind, and soul will live on in the hearts of many for eternity. *Snaps him a crisp salute and bows*
-- United States

POSTED BY:  PFC Rendell REST IN PEACE :( 18:19  CST  8/10/2005
I just joined the Empire, its a shame we never met. Rest in peace. :(
-- West Virginia

POSTED BY:  Rahhu ITS A SHAME.. 21:10  CST  8/9/2005
Its a shame I never got to talk to you, for you sounded like a good person and a well serving officer. May you always rest in peace.
-- Ft Collins, CO

POSTED BY:  PFC Slick A SHAME TO ALL 20:58  CST  8/6/2005
I find as I looked at all of this that... that I find it troubling to myself that I did not know you. Death is a tragic thing. We all know that one day it will come, but it is always a blow to the heart when a loved one leaves this world for a better. You will always be missed in the hearts of those who knew you, and you have left a mark on those who didn't. So as one soldier to another... *PFC Slick does an about face* *snaps his heels* *and salute's Tyler Ryan Nunnally*
-- Tadath/Army/Indiana

POSTED BY:  Hellra MYY RESPECT TOA LEGEND... 19:28  CST  6/24/2005
I didn't know you. I will never know you. Time came to short. Life was to long. When it could be seen, nothing could be done, when something could have been doen, it wasn't seen. Four years later, a few moons faded. Yet your light ever so strongly shone. May you be one of the stars above that graces this planet. You left your felow comrades empty, a feeling of lost. A plague runs through the blood of your blood, a thought...a memory...my respects to you Atrus. If any VE member or any other person feels offended by what i wrote, i didn't mean it like that. I was just putting my word on the screen....
-- South Africa

POSTED BY:  DJ234 R.I.P 19:57  CST  5/27/2005
reading that message was very sad to me i also lost someone to drunk dirving and that hurts more than ever. just remember that death is the next greatest adventure. Rest In Peace Petty Officer 2nd Class DJ234 ONT Canada
-- ONT Canada

POSTED BY:  Kiara Blackstar NEVER KNEW YA...MY LOSS 0:55  CST  4/25/2005
Just reading this memorial and the sevice log shows what this man was like, what sort of respect and honor he earned. I wish I had known you, I think I would have liked you. I know the Vast Empire is short one sailor, and he can never be replaced. Fair winds.
-- ID, USA

POSTED BY:  Senior Crewman Jack Nebulax WE'LL ALL MISS YOU 20:22  CST  2/19/2005
I never knew Atrus, but judging by what eveyone else says, he was a great guy. For as long as I've been here in the VE, I never knew that the flagship was named for this brave man. We all still think about you, Atrus, every single day of our lives. Many people want to be just like you. And I'm one of them. God Rest His Soul, And Help Him Through The Next Life. Amen.
-- PA, USA

POSTED BY:  Ryan I WISH... 0:16  CST  2/17/2005
I wish that I had the privilege to serve this great soldier. I am sure he was a great man.
-- Huntsville, TX

POSTED BY:  Garrett HO HI 20:20  CST  1/13/2005
I remember you always.
-- mesa arizona

POSTED BY:  Pandaman REST IN PEACE 17:29  CST  9/28/2004
God Bless you Ryan & Rest In Peace
-- England

POSTED BY:  Been a while BEEN A WHILE 8:49  CST  4/20/2004
Well, it's been a while since this happened to you, Tyler. You were the guy that helped me out way back when, before I ever really enjoyed the VE. I am sorry I gave up in 2000 when I had the chance to get in and talk to everyone and have fun in the Vast Empire, but I do hold tightly to those few weeks when I would come on and get advice and try and give you advice (always got some sarcastic comment, but that's okay, I always got you back and we were joking). Since none of you know who this is, all of you I am guessing, I just have one thing to say: Treasure your time here. You have somehow stumbled upon one of the greatest things that ever happened to this world. It may not be quite what it used to be, but it is still there and it is coming back. Give it your all and don't screw up, you have to work hard to gain back honor after you have dishonored yourself. Take a look at the name on the screen you are talking to, remember that name. For the sake of all humanity, if you leave VE, don't sever your ties completely, say hi to people occasionally, once a month even. I don't know how many times I have seen friends fade into nothingness that were always there for me. I beg of you this one thing.
-- Somewhere out there

POSTED BY:  Tyler Joseph Ryan MY SYMPATHY 18:05  CST  1/24/2004
I sorry to hear of such a sad story, I was just looking on the wb and Ran into this site. I to am in to Star Wars. It is sad to hear this considering I to almost lost my life, last summer July 5, 2003 I was stabed in the back were I died seven times in one night. To you Tyler i'm so very sorry. Rest In Peace Tyler Joseph Ryan
-- Minnesota

POSTED BY:  Joseph Lee Pohlman I FEEL SORRY FOR HIM 6:54  CST  11/15/2003
Hey this is gardoon. I was just looking at this, and I feel so sorry for him. I hope that he will be in our hearts forever. Gardoon
-- Eagle Grove, IA

POSTED BY:  TS 2 YEARS 9:19  CST  8/22/2003
It's been over 2 years since atrus died. It seems like his memory still lives strong in the workings of the VE.
-- unk

POSTED BY:  Matt (Raserei) FINAL SALUTE 8:38  CST  8/12/2003
I am sorry to say that I never knew Tyler, as I just recently joined. In looking around, I can see what a positive influence he had on the VE. I regret that i will not get to know him in this life, but it is my hope that we will meet on the streets of gold. Rest in peace, and may the force be with you.
-- Maryland

POSTED BY:  Aaron NEVER GOT TO MEET U 14:46  CST  5/28/2003
I never got to meet iu

POSTED BY:  Jacob Reichenauer TAKEN? 14:04  CST  12/30/2002
More like stolen....
-- Atlantic, IA

POSTED BY:  Joe "Rustichituk" Hahn SORRY 10:48  CST  10/19/2002
I never met him, and sadly i never will. Im sure that he made great differences in many lives, but he shall never touch mine. I feel at a loss of words right now, as you all were very attached to him, and i almost feel deprived and jipped from knowing this person, all because of some idiot behind the wheel. My sincere empathy goes out to all of you who knew him. ==Rusty==
-- Madison,WI

POSTED BY:  Jonathan furnas I'M SORRY 15:58  CST  10/4/2002
I'm sorry to hear of the lose of this friend. I did not know him, but I know he must have touched many lives, if he has friends who would do this for him.
-- Spencer, N.C

POSTED BY:  Adalric Majere GENIUS 23:30  CST  8/27/2002
We have had our differences in the past. However, one thing I always counted on was your honesty and artistic genius. You were blessed with a life that most of us only dream of. Now, you are blessed as you live a life in heaven. I remember the pictures that you painted and our private chats where you would send me various pictures. You were always able to put your heart into each painted picture. You could see that each picture was like a window into your heart. One of which was your girlfriend which passed away before you. That picture brought a tear to my eye twice. One...when you first showed me the picture as it showed sadness mixed with your undying love. The second time I smiled as I knew you were once again with the one you love. I have one final request....Paint us a picture in the stars.......A beacon that all of us can see and follow. I am proud to have called you friend, even if it was a brief moment of time. Terry Nottingham AKA: Majere, Eagleye, Toluus
-- Fresno, CA

POSTED BY:  Flame I NEVER MET HIM 9:22  CST  8/22/2002
i never met him but I'm sure he was an awesome guy. If I i ever meet him in heaven when i die i'd tell him the VE says hi. I wish i could have met him. If only i had. But i think i speak for the ve when i say we lost a very valuable member and to many many of us a great friend.
-- Duluth Minnesota

POSTED BY:  Just some guy LIFE 12:05  CST  8/21/2002
To the friends and family of Tyler: I'm very sorry for your loss.
-- Cali

POSTED BY:  Cujo CUJO OF THE V.E 19:35  CST  8/12/2002
-Have a good one Tyler- *Cujo*
-- Chicago

Just a look at the memorial *sigh
-- Eagle Grove, IA

Somehow on the wee hours of the fifth I found myself looking through all the e-mails I had managed to keep that I had recieved from Tyler. Because of him I was able to be in a position of authority in the Vast Empire. Though I no longer have that position I still miss the kind of working relationship we had. I find I am more affected now then I was a year ago. Nothing I can type here would be adequate to what this person had done for me while he was alive. He had earned my respect and my trust. I may not have called him friend while he was alive but he was the closest thing to being a friend I could have. I find I may have known him better then I first thought, after my nostalgic visit of our old conversations. I don't care if what I'm about to do contradicts things I have said and done recently but this is a time and a person who deserves to be honoured and reckognized. *salute*
-- Wa

POSTED BY:  Gaylan "Liquid" Carl A YEAR'S TIME... 16:05  CST  8/6/2002
It has been more than a year since the passing of the former Grand Master, and I wish to state a few words. I never knew him, and I never will. I have been told by many, and by even more, that Atrus was a great guy, and that I would've liked him very much. I know that this is true. I never had the privledge of knowing him, but I thank him for all he has done to help the VE. on August 5th, I was in the main chan when Tylen asked me to play the Imperial march, then he IM'd me and started talking about how great he was. Tylen (I know) was very dissapointed at this loss. I believe all those that knew him were at least saddened by his passing. I was saddened on the 5th, and I didn't know him at all. He was an Officer that commanded respect from his troopers and pilots, and he returned what he commanded. Atrus, you are missed. /me bows
-- Pennsylvania

POSTED BY:  Al 'Xaphrael' Lee MEMORIES .... 8:24  CST  8/5/2002
I never had the honour of knowing Atrus. When I joined VE, it had been quite some time but still I was touched by the memories the VE members who knew him had. With time, wounds may heal, but memories will last forever. May God be with you, Tyler.
-- Singapore

POSTED BY:  adam "g5" smith A YEAR GONE BY 3:45  CST  7/27/2002
I can't believe it has been almost a year since @ was taken from us. The time has flown by and much has happened in the last year. The wound left by his death, in me at least, hasn't healed at all, but merely scabbed over. Whenever i think about him, or view this page it's like scratching and peeling at the scab. Like i said, It's been almost a year, and it surprised me to realize this. The time has flown by, but it has never been the same.
-- Michigan

POSTED BY:  Max S ATRUS, THANKS 17:53  CST  5/8/2002
I just wanted to thank Atrus for the help he was giving me even though I didnt even get into the VE until about a month and a week ago. So, thanks Atrus and May the Force be with you...Always. Max
-- Denver, CO

POSTED BY:  Chris "Otto" Ballard ALL TOO WELL 1:25  CST  2/21/2002
I joined the VE almost exactly a month after Tylers death, so, I did not recieve the joy of knowing him. Through out my life, I have known death of family members and friends, My own fathers Aunt, who he and I both loved dearly was taken in a head on collision with a semi. The pain of loss is know all too well to me. In hearing what people in the VE say about Tyler, or Atrus as most call him when I see him talked about, I feel as if I knew him, as just a thought, but known. I never really got around to signing the memorial, for I felt it was not my place to, because I never knew him, but when I realized how close to knowing him that I was, if I had only joined a month and two days earlier...... *Bows to the great Master*
-- Rochester NY

POSTED BY:  Centaur THE PAIN OF LOSS 20:10  CST  2/20/2002
I became a member of Vast Empire last night, and found this memorial on the fraternity's website. I had to say something... When I was thirteen yrs old (many MANY moons past) I lost my older brother in much the same way; he was run down by a drunk driver. I just want to wish Tyler's family and friends a bit of peace in the coming years - they will NOT be easy. It never gets much easier... I still weep like a baby some times (like now). However, there are some things not even death can take from us. What life he has had will be a cherished and precious thing for you all. And I know for fact that there IS a comfort in that. So long as memories are cherished things,he will never truly be taken from you. I know it sounds hokey, but it is true nonetheless. Peace to you, Atrus - Tyler...
-- New York State

POSTED BY:  Unnamed HALF A YEAR.. 23:18  CST  2/4/2002
It's taken me half a year to write this, and I still can't come up with the words. I kept trying to believe it wasn't real, and it never worked. I thought I had buried all of the pain that came with this, but it's been brought up a lot recently because I finally started listening to 311 again. AOL is quiet now, I don't feel like being online because it reminds me how much I miss you. It's been one hard year without drugs now. You're the one who set me on the path though. Thanks Ryan, I owe you for that one. I'm still working on the memorial tat. I've had little luck putting it the way I want it, but I suppose that's to be expected. I want it to be better than anything I've ever seen inked before, because it's going to be my physical memory of you. I can't stop thinking about all the memories of the good days. Big pimping in the BHG, back when you were PMRN. Very few people knew the significance behind that name back then. I remember when Deidra first told me. I think that's when our friendship really started. Before that we'd spoken, you know, but it was just idle conversation. We ripped up the HF, we ripped up the DB. You even had elite membership to another place as well, but we won't discuss that here. I remember the days when you and I first joined up the VE. You were Naval, I was Army. It was rivalry at it's best, but all good natured. When I resigned because of what was going on in my life, you were there for me. When I came back, you were there to give me Executive Officer. My online time picked up more, and we started being there for each other a lot more. It seems almost everyday I was either cheering you up, or you were cheering me up. You had a gift for that, you could always take my mind off of what was bad and make me laugh. Now, it's as if life has become a daze to me. Everything is surreal without you here with me. You left big shoes to fill as NCC. Shoes that I could not fill. Being in the job reminded me too much of the circumstances under which I was appointed. Perhaps I've let you down a bit by not trying harder, and I'm sorry for that. There are so many more things I wanted to say. I never got to say goodbye. Our last conversation, I got disconnected and never made it back on. I never made it to your funeral, but I will visit you someday, I promise. Today is a day of mourning for all of us, especially me. Ryan, I'm pouring out the liqour for you. Everything I do today, winning Jedi Knight matches, piercing, drinking, music, it's all for you bro. Until we meet again... 2pac - Starin at the world... Staring at the world through my rearview Just looking back at the world, from another level ya know what I mean? Starin... 311 - Come Original Everything we do we gotta come original put your hands up in the air and prepare for battle sit upon the rhythm like a tire upon a rim we do it non-stop and then we do it again some a them whine and some a them bitch they can not do it never switch comin' up from the heart and delivered with a wild pitch sit up on top the rhythm like a wild stallion this is the ruling system
-- n/a

POSTED BY:  Paul Rigden LOSS KNOWS NO TIME 23:13  CST  2/3/2002
The existance of this site has only been brought to my attention recently, and it's brought back a bad case of pain, but even more joy in knowing that you're still with us in some way At. I never knew you half as well as I wanted to, nor half as well as I should have, but be sure buddy, I always considered you a friend, and I was always glad to have known you. The day I heard, well, I don't think I'll ever forget that day, and I'm glad that I won't, because I never want to forget your sarcastic remarks whenever I said something without watching myself, and I never want to forget how much fun you were to be around. I still remember you in my prayers Bud, and I'm sure you're hearing them, so sorry for all the other crap that's going on in my mind ;) Cya on the flip bro.
-- Ontario, Canada

POSTED BY:  Jedi/Piett BETTER LATE THEN NEVER 21:29  CST  1/21/2002
I never got up enough nerve to actually say something until now. Tyler, though I may not have known you as well as I would like, I still grieve over the loss of your life. It is a lesson to all of us though: How life's duration is never determined by us. It's always by someone else. My heart goes out to your family, especially after going through their first holiday without you. A newborn's life on a Spring morning An old person's death on a wintery night. From Moon to Sun and Sun to Moon, The newborn's life get's taken away. Be the person young or old, No one was ready to let them go. Grieve for them their loved one will, But bring them back, they will fail to fullfil. Tyler:Watch over the VE and all that it stands for. More importantly though, watch over your family and your true friends in life. See to it that they do not suffer a tragic fate.
-- Massachusetts

POSTED BY:  Steven "Japheth" Ferguson WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN IS NOT. 20:31  CST  1/10/2002
I joined the VE several months after Tyler Ninnally's death. I never got to know him. I think that is the most tragic thing. I will never get to be able to so much as meet him, much less get to know him. Its one of the worst realities about these kinds of things: all of the future realities that could have, and might have, been will never be. Rest in peace, Tyler Ryan Nunnally.
-- Oklahoma City, OK

POSTED BY:  Astin WELL, I DIDN'T KNOW HIM FROM THE VE, BUT... 17:39  CST  12/29/2001
Atrus was my first CMDR in the Emperor's Hammer, some two years ago. I had no idea this had happened until I stumbled upon it from the VE page... although I didn't know Atrus very well, I'd always remembered him as my first CMDR... sad...
-- Emperor's Hammer

POSTED BY:  Carnor Jax RE: NONE 8:44  CST  12/4/2001
I also did not know atrus but i was deeply upset when i saw what had happened to him. I cannot imagine what his family must be going through. Carnor Jax
-- England

POSTED BY:  D-13 FARE THEE WELL 18:28  CST  12/1/2001
I never met Tyler, but I was terribly saddened when I spotted the memorial link. First of all, I would extend my Condolances to Tyler's family. I do not think these words will heal the great loss to everybody here. But I have said what I feel. *Bow* Fare thee well, great Tyler Ryan Nunnally.
-- Dallas

POSTED BY:  Mckenna -------- 18:31  CST  11/22/2001
I only knew Ryan through my brother, who is Trigit in the Vast Empire. He had sent us a picture once, and I thought it was beautiful. It was of his girlfriend, Peyton, as an angel. I had snuck into the VE channel a few times to talk to him, he always treated me like I was supposed to be there. I cried when I heard that he had died, even though I didn't really know him that well. I will always miss his sarcasm, as well as him. Rest in peace Ryan, rest in peace.
-- Houston

POSTED BY:  Psychotic_Blaze LONG TIME 22:02  CST  10/28/2001
I havn't been around for a while. When I do finally come back to the old website I had frequented many a time, while I care about the VE, a shock screams out from the page: "Atrus Memorial." I didn't know Tyler too well, but I do know he had good character and good personality. The world lost something that day, even more was lost by those close to him. All that can really be said, though...is "so long." Catch You on the flip side, Atrus -Blaze
-- Indiana

POSTED BY:  Will "Omega Hunter" Mann GOODBYE, FRIEND 5:18  CST  10/13/2001
Goodbye, Atrus, you will be missed. Your leadership, and dedication to the Vast Empire was outstanding, and as a friend you will be missed. Salutes, friend.
-- Poole, UK

POSTED BY:  NEO GOOD BYE,SIRE! 1:32  CST  10/3/2001
Eventhough iam newbie here, it doesnt make me not knowing you Sir, good bye sire, may god be with u always!
-- Jakarta,Indonesia

Upon seeing this memorial, I was filled with shock. Worse, I was filled with dread. As I read it, I could not believe the words were true. When I was a VE Newbie, and everyone seemed to enjoy my witty humour, and the company of my wonderful girlfriend, Atrus seemed to realise my potential. He made me a Captain in the Navy, and I was made the SSCOM, although I can't remember what it stands for. I resigned from that post, feeling inadequate at it, and took my previous position of Leading Crewman. However, I was promoted back to 2nd Lietenant, for what Atrus himself called "An Honourable Act". Shortly after that, I left the VE, to pursue other matters. I hardly even said goodbye to the friends I had made, and even the enemies I loved to hate.. Atrus was someone I could have called a friend. I am sorry I never said goodbye to you all then. But I am most sorry that I never said goodbye to Atrus, someone who I hope believed in me. I hope this message goes some way to making up for that. I will be rejoining the Vast Empire, although probably as a Crewman again. Goodbye Atrus. And hello, guys.
-- Scotland, UK

POSTED BY:  Ross DEAREST SYMPATHYS. 8:27  CST  8/27/2001
Hello. I am a new member to the VE. I recently learned of the tradgedy, that has made a huge impact on the clan, and friend of Tyler. Although I have never met him through the clan, I want to extend to his family my greatest condolances and dearest regrets on the incindent. Even tough no matter how many emails of sympathy you recieve, nothing will stop the grief and pain you are suffering. I am truly sorry.
-- Australia

POSTED BY:  Benny alias Stormie LAST SALUTE 7:30  CST  8/24/2001
Just wanted to say bye again...posted it many times on comnet in the Vast Empire. And I wanted to say some words to the family... I am sure you will see Tyler some day again - he was just gone forward. Benny alias Stormie
-- Germany

POSTED BY:  Adam Polt a.k.a Double Agent WORDS 23:36  CST  8/19/2001
I think if I say too many words here it will somehow detract from the meaning of my message, so i'll make this short: Atrus, Tyler, whoever...he was always on IRC. Every time. I talked to him every once in a while. I regret not talking to him more. You don't know what you got 'til it's gone. If he could come back for just one day, i think i would chat with him the entire day until i couldn't type anymore. There is a lot I'd tell him. I don't claim to be his best friend or anything. I didn't talk to him all the time. But one thing's for sure: I will miss him. We will miss him. Finally, I have but one request for those reading this. Whatever God you believe in, whatever religion you belong to, pray for him. It was great knowing him. He was a great guy, and a great friend.
-- Nebraska ;)

POSTED BY:  Troy "Argon Viper" Kuersten IN REMEMBERANCE 15:53  CST  8/17/2001
I can't claim that I new Tyler well, or really at all. He was just the person on IRC whose name you see, but you never really talk to. From what I have heard, he was a great person, willing to help anyone who needed it. I really wish that I had known him in his life, however, that option has been taken away from me, so I will merely be able to try to gain a greater understanding of him in death than I had during his life.
-- Redding CA, USA

POSTED BY:  Reikane IN MEMORIAL OF ATRUS/RYAN 22:31  CST  8/16/2001
I had just recently joined the Vast Empire and even though I never knew Ryan, from what all the members say, I learn him as a person of wit, sarcarsm, and a great desire to perform everything well. I never knew him, but my condolence extends to all his family and his friends. Thw world had lost a young man. Let us hope that wherever he is, his soul will ever be in peace.
-- Singapore

POSTED BY:  Reiner Leal FAREWELL 2:29  CST  8/16/2001
As with every person that we encounter in our lives, every individual leaves an imprint on our selves. I didn't know Tyler all that well, I have had the pleasure of meeting him before, but I regret not getting better acquainted with this fine young man. People come and go, it is a natural part of life, but it truely is depressing that life could be drained from one who had so much to offer and so much more life to give. Tyler is one of many whose lives have been taken due to car accidents. Nobody knows when the hour of your death will arrive, you just have to live every day as if it's your last. Although I do not have many memories of Tyler, he will not be forgotten. If someone is not forgotten, then in a sense, they haven't truely died. He lives on through all of you, if not through memories or experiences, hopefully his ill-fated accident will also carry him on through you as you will realize time is very crucial as you don't know how much you have. Tyler, you will be missed.
-- San Diego, CA

POSTED BY:  Exar Kun MY RESPECT 13:14  CST  8/15/2001
Master Atrus was a mentor of mine since I joined the Vast Empire. He always treated me the way I acted, if I acted as a foolish jerk, that's how he would treat me. If I acted like a responsible leader, than that was how I was treated. Over the time I knew Atrus, I learned to respect him as a leader, and for a time as a friend. I will remember him, and his desire to be the best. Good bye master Atrus, may the Force be with you. *Bow* Exar Kun (OOC) God bless, and be with you friend.
-- Oneida, NY

POSTED BY:  Ric Gravin FRIENDS COME AND GO 19:05  CST  8/13/2001
You will be missed Dearly Atrus, but i can not say i knew u as well as the others. I had a Friend who passed away cause of a Car accident. It is 1 in 100 chances it happens. You may not know when your time is, but friends to come and go. It shouldn't be like that though. You will be so dearly missed by all your friends Atrus. /me gives his final salute to Atrus.
-- USA

POSTED BY:  TJ GOODBYE 18:27  CST  8/13/2001
I can't believe this has happened. Someone who I had looked up to ever since I joined the Vast Empire almost two years ago. He always seemed to be there to help me when I was having trouble and for this I'm incredibly grateful. Atrus, you will be greatly missed not only by your family and real life friends, buy by me and the rest of the Vast Empire, too. You probably were and still are an idol to many troopers during your stay. I'll miss you.
-- London, Ontario

POSTED BY:  Daishi(Jim Poe) INADEQATE WORDS 12:43  CST  8/13/2001
I cannot claim to have known him as well as some have. What I can say about him though is that he did help me out when I needed some questions answered or even an occassional favor. I am a person who does thier best to repay thier debt to another and now I cannot do that as I would have liked. Instead I will just have to do my best to carry on what he started.
-- Longview, Wa

POSTED BY:  Jessica Yuen(War_Woman) YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED 12:23  CST  8/13/2001
I didn't know Atrus that well because I didn't really talk to him but he will always be remembered in our hearts for being a great leader to us. He is probably in a safe and a better place looking after us now. ***Gives Atrus a final salute with tears in her eyes***
-- North Brunswick, NJ

POSTED BY:  John "Fury" Wallenfeldt FAREWELL 10:40  CST  8/13/2001
It is never easy saying goodbye to someone, especially a person you've never actually met. I knew Ryan only by his words on a screen, yet that was enough for me to imagine that I got to know him a bit. He seemed to carry himself well, with a mature outlook on life that belied his age, but not his experiences. For as little as most of us show of ourselves online, he seemed to be the contradiction. I believe many of us got to know Ryan through his statements on life, his very quirky and entertaining sense of humor, and his quite open disdain for the banal. In short, he was a good person whom it was easy to like. He will be missed.
-- Stillwater, Oklahoma

POSTED BY:  Matt Lipton(DJM Paan) GOODBYE TO A DEAR FRIEND 1:10  CST  8/13/2001
Aww man... I hate this crap. I hate saying goodbye to friends when they pass on. Tyler, I'll miss your sarcasm. I'll miss you picking at me all the time. But most of all, I'll miss your leadership. I don't think the VEDJ or the Navy would be where it is today without you. I wish you were still here to guide whomever tries in vain to fill your shoes. Do us all a big favor, and look in on us from time to time, ok? I miss ya little buddy. --gives Atrus a final nod and bows respectfully to the plaque on the SSD Atrus with a solitary tear in his eyes.--
-- South Orange, NJ

POSTED BY:  Japer YOU WILL BE MISSED 21:00  CST  8/12/2001
It is gonna be hard without you Atrus... /me gives his final salute to Atrus with a singal tear in his eye..
-- IL

POSTED BY:  Alexander Newhall WE WILL MISS YOU 20:36  CST  8/12/2001
He was a very talented artist and had a well-rounded personality which made him a pleasure to know. It is almost insensible that the life of such a gifted person should be brought to an end so soon. Where ever he is now . . . I trust that he is happy. -- Spartacus -- Alaska; USA
-- Anchorage, Alaska

POSTED BY:  Colin Gregg aka Jubei Nimiichi REMEMBRENCE 17:34  CST  8/12/2001
Never having had the opportunity to serve under Tyler aka Atrus in VEDJ or VEN, i have not had the pleasure or opportunity to really talk with him. However, in attending the memorial, and reading everything the VE said about him, i can honostly say that i will miss him. We talked a few times... but only briefly... I'm sorry to say that, iwish i had talked to him more. But that is the way death works. The death of one person has a ripple effect on anyone who has ever met them. It brings with it feelings of anguish regret, and even pity. Tyler, i know you are looking down on us from heaven, i don't know where else you could be... but i will alwyas remember you. *Jubei walks up to the altar, kneels and says "Sir, I'm just glad i had the opportunity to meet you, and i will do my best to work towards improving the VE, a place you called home, and worked so hard for... I will never forget you. Jubei salutes Atrus for the last time, bows, and walks away*
-- Seattle

POSTED BY:  Matthew Yuen TO A GREAT PERSON 16:48  CST  8/12/2001
Even though I didn't know Atrus too well I knew he was a great person and a great leader. We will all miss you very much Tyler, I regret that I couldn't know you better. Rest in peace Tyler, and goodbye. You will be remembered... Demi Wraith
-- North Brunswick, NJ

POSTED BY:  Malik GOODBYE 16:04  CST  8/12/2001
Well I really don't know what to write, except you will be missed by many peoples, you made your own saying "In Tyler we trust" something I think many people followed.
-- Denmark

POSTED BY:  Tylen Jaap GOOD BYE...MY MASTER 15:52  CST  8/12/2001
*Tylen walks over to the alter, Bows and kneels before his master. "My Master...You have been more then a teacher to me...You have been a father...someone I could also talk to, to go to when problems accure. To that, I thank you. Your death has devistated me, but I see this as a great test, one that will take many years of hard work to get over and accomplish. But with your strength inside me now, I can...we can...achieve a greater strength...Let the force be with you... *Tylen bows and steps back -=:Apprentice Tylen Jaap:=- -OOC- Tyler, I will never forget the very long nights we talked together on IRC, about old friends and the new. The troubles we have come accross, and helping each other get through them. I will never forget your advise you have given me. I don't regret anything, but for not talking to you longer. So long dear friend...may you rest in peace...
-- Centerville, UT

POSTED BY:  Rinaldi GOODBYE 15:44  CST  8/12/2001
i know Atrus in a very short time, about 8 month since i join the VE. He's on of my high command officer. It's my deepest regret that i don't know a great man such as him so well. May the Lord keep his Soul in Heaven and forever stay there. Zed-118
-- home

POSTED BY:  Matthew Brinker, A.K.A Epic FINAL GOODBYE 15:44  CST  8/12/2001
Hello, I'm Matt, A.K.A Epic, I was Tylers friend over the Internet, I'm part of the group The Vast Empire, I didnt know him very well, but I knew him, and I'm glad I did. He was very funny, even when I was the butt of the jokes, which I was alot, he was a good leader, very talented. All of us at the VE will miss his quick wit and leadership skills very much, and mainly, we will miss him as a friend over all. I'm sorry for Tylers family, everybody who knew him will miss him very much. Rest in peace my friend, goodbye.
-- Ohio, Usa

POSTED BY:  Jesse "Crysus" Thomas A MEMORY FOR LIFE 15:41  CST  8/12/2001
Some of my greatest memories of Tyler are etched in flashes of games. We often played Jedi Knight together and shared many good talks. He was an inspiring person, someone that you remember when you walk away from the computer. His personality was unmatched and his talents reached far. It is truly a shame that he is gone from us, but he was not ours to hold. Guard your steps and live each day as your last. Never forgotten Atrus.
-- Brookville Indiana

POSTED BY:  Drac A GREAT MAN. 15:39  CST  8/12/2001
I'm honoured to be able to say that Tyler was one of my friends. Though I did not know him for as long as many others, and never had a chance to actually meet him, he will be greatly missed. There is little that has not been said already, and so I will leave this short. I only wish to say may he rest in peace, and my condolences to all of his friends and his family.
-- Australia

POSTED BY:  Cosmic SO LONG DEAR FRIEND 17:43  CST  8/11/2001
MEMORY Atrus: He was an excellent, and obviously gifted and devoted member of the Vast Empire. He was High Colonel, Fleet Admiral, Dark Jedi Master, and good 'ol "Grassroots". An excellent man, that is to whom this poem is dedicated to. As the Beam of Light surrounds you and leads you to the Stairwell of Heaven, your friends, family, and side-by-side VE friends, sadly say goodbye. You were serious about what you did for the Vast Empire, and made the perfect role model for our future generations. You stand as an idol for many young ones, and you are the reason why a lot of Navy people were inspired. Lots of people can imagine you, right now, at this moment, not only with many of your loved ones in Heaven, but also on a great Super Star Destroyer in Imperial Space. A great Dark Jedi Master...the perfect Ace. You are the reason why I, Cosmic, wanted to join the VEDJ in the first place. I wanted to be like the great leader: DJM Atrus. I don't know much about your Army life, Atrus, only to know that you were once High Colonel, still are in all of our eyes's. You knew your grounds....and where you stood above all else. As you look down upon our small world from the greatest place yet to come for all of us, take a peak at us from time-to-time. We'll make sure of that, and we'll have something special for you while you're at it. We'll have you in our minds, our words, and our hearts. Save a good place in "High Command Heaven" for us @! - Cosmic King of the Sky The Glory and Happiness that you are having now is nothing that we will ever feel until we leave our world and join you in Heaven. Along with the angels, singing and dancing, seeing loved ones and walking with them side-by-side. Being with fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers of all families on 'cloud '9'. Watching us all, beneath the great clouds...watching...just watching us as we reside in our world. As children laugh and play in the summers warm light, the clouds role by, and inspire poets of devine power and might. Eagles fly as Super Star Destroyers do. They are the Kings of the Skies, the predators that swoop. They fly through the skies at speeds so astounding. Yet they hold dear their young ones or new recruits, and teach them the ways of the Swoop. You, Atrus, are the Glories Eagle now, swooping through the skies in a way that no one knows how. You look down upon us with your sharp eyes, yet you fly through the air with grace and pride. Atrus...Fleet Admiral...High Colonel...Dark Jedi Master..."Grassroots"........Glorious Eagle. - Cosmic So long Atrus ( @ ), save as a good place in "High Command Heaven". You're good friend, First Lieutenant Cosmic.
-- The Vast Empire Army

POSTED BY:  Todd Schlomer TO TYLER 17:00  CST  8/11/2001
There is nothing that can be said that would make this loss any less of a loss than what it already is.  Tyler, you were a great friend.  Your memory will live on in each and every one of us.  My prayers will go out to you and your family.
Until we meet again.
-- Kadann
-- Tucson, AZ

POSTED BY:  Terry Nottingham THANK YOU 13:26  CST  8/11/2001
The loss of Tyler is a great one. However, the memories that I still hold in me of him still make me smile of admiration. I will always remember his great artistic ability, his undying loyalty to family and friends, and his drive to be the best in everything he sets out to do. I will miss you Tyler.....Atrus Terry Nottingham aka: Majere, Eagleye
-- California

POSTED BY:  Sesswanna HUGE BLOW 2:08  CST  8/10/2001
The loss of Atrus is a huge, unrecoverable blow to the Vast Empire. It is not often that you meet officers of his caliber. I cannot begin to imagine the loss his family is suffering. My prayers go out to them. Ryan, you will truly be missed.