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<Lord-Kadann> -- The light is very dim --
<Lord-Kadann> -- The only light is coming from torches lining the big auditorium --
<Lord-Kadann> -- It is a large auditorium with a VE symbol in the middle of the floor --
<Lord-Kadann> -- All the divisions have assembled in formation, leaving a single aisle open in the middle of them --
<Lord-Kadann> -- There is an alter in the front of the room giving off a blue glow --
* Lord-Kadann stands up in front of the alter with a robed dark Jedi to the right and just behind him
<Lord-Kadann> -- There is a gong sound --
<Lord-Kadann> -- Silence --
<Lord-Kadann> -- Six people start walking along side each other in two rows of three down the aisle --
<Lord-Kadann> -- They seemed to have appeared from nowhere --
<Lord-Kadann> -- Atrus's body is hovering above them --
<Lord-Kadann> -- The six are all dressed in black robes and have light sabers dangling from their belts --
<Lord-Kadann> -- It seems like an eternity as they walk down the aisle not making any sound --
<Lord-Kadann> -- The six walk up to the alter and stand behind it --
<Lord-Kadann> -- Atrus's body lays gently down on the neatly formed pile of wood --
<Lord-Kadann> -- Silence --
* Lord-Kadann holds up his hand
<Lord-Kadann> -- A blue flame starts in Lord Kadann's hand --
<Lord-Kadann> -- The flame leaves Lord Kadann's hand and starts circling the alter --
<Lord-Kadann> -- Faster and faster the flame goes until a ring of blue fire appears --
<Lord-Kadann> -- The ring of blue fire descends upon the alter igniting the wood into a green fire --
<Lord-Kadann> -- Everyone bows their head in a moment of silence as the alter burns --
<Lord-Kadann> It was a sad day when I heard of Atrus's passing
<Lord-Kadann> On that day, the VE was changed forever
<Lord-Kadann> We will live each day with the memory of Atrus dwelling in all of us
<Lord-Kadann> Each day, we should feel privileged to have gotten a chance to know Atrus while he was on this planet
<Lord-Kadann> Talon and I have made a Web Memorial to commemorate such a wonderful person
<Lord-Kadann> http://www.vastempire.com/atrus
<Lord-Kadann> Now, others now have something they would like to say
<Ieyasu> Uhm, Hi all.
<Ieyasu> I don't really know what to say.
<Ieyasu> I guess for starters, I was Atrus' brother. Rich
<Ieyasu> He and I were just like best friends, whenever we were together, and on my birthday, Aug. 5th, I was shocked speechless when we found out.
<Ieyasu> He was a wonderful person that touched everyone's life that he knew, and was very talented.
<Ieyasu> and I just want to thank everyone attended for their kind actions and for remembering my brother, and friend for such a wonderful person.
* Lord-Kadann nods to Rich
<Lord-Kadann> In dedication to Atrus, we are renaming the SSD Mustang to the SSD Atrus
* Lord-Kadann puts on his hood
* AD_Schnapps rises from her seat and walks to the podium
<AD_Schnapps> When people ask me how well I knew Atrus, I have only one answer for them - not well enough.
<AD_Schnapps> Despite that though, in the few years we knew each other for, I learned some things about him.
<AD_Schnapps> I learned that he was an excellent pilot, a talented artist, a wonderful leader, a dedicated officer whose loyalty, once given, was near-impossible to lose.
<AD_Schnapps> Atrus was a man who was always there for me whenever I needed him, and would do his utmost to help.
<AD_Schnapps> Atrus was a man who, no matter what his own circumstances, was always ready with a shoulder to cry on and a word of advice.
<AD_Schnapps> He was a gentleman of infinate compassion.
<AD_Schnapps> But it is not because of any of that that I am here today.
<AD_Schnapps> He was more than all of that.
<AD_Schnapps> He was my friend.
<AD_Schnapps> It is because of that that I would like to read for you a poem.
* AD_Schnapps pauses briefly
<AD_Schnapps> Alfred Tennyson - In Memorium XIV
<AD_Schnapps> _
<AD_Schnapps> If one should bring me this report,
<AD_Schnapps> That thou hadst touched the land today,
<AD_Schnapps> And I went down unto the quay,
<AD_Schnapps> And found thee lying in the port;
<AD_Schnapps> _
<AD_Schnapps> And standing, muffled round with woe,
<AD_Schnapps> Should see thy passengers in rank
<AD_Schnapps> Come stepping lightly down the plank,
<AD_Schnapps> And beckoning unto those they know;
<AD_Schnapps> _
<AD_Schnapps> And if along with these should come
<AD_Schnapps> The man I held as half-divine;
<AD_Schnapps> Should strike a sudden hand in mine,
<AD_Schnapps> And ask a thousand things of home;
<AD_Schnapps> _
<AD_Schnapps> And I should tell him all my pain,
<AD_Schnapps> And how my life has drooped of late,
<AD_Schnapps> And should sorrow o'er my state
<AD_Schnapps> And marvel what possessed my brain;
<AD_Schnapps> _
<AD_Schnapps> And I perceived no touch of change,
<AD_Schnapps> No hint of death in all his frame,
<AD_Schnapps> But found him all in all the same,
<AD_Schnapps> I should not feel it to be strange.
* AD_Schnapps pauses again
<AD_Schnapps> Thank you.
* AD_Schnapps returns to her seat
* HG_Sesswanna rises from his seat and stands at the podium.
<HG_Sesswanna> During the years that I have been a member of the Vast Empire, I have had a chance to get to know Atrus and had the pleasure of both serving with him and under him.
*** Colonel_Yacks has quit IRC (Quit: I am sorry I must leave. Atrus my old friend... You'll be missed. Reast in peace bro.)
<HG_Sesswanna> Although I didn't talk with him much for the last 9 months, before that we talked regularly, and it was my honor to share many a great time and laugh with him.
<HG_Sesswanna> Atrus will not be soon forgotten, no only because of the great contributions he made to this club, but also because of the many friendships he built during his time as a member of the Vast Empire.
<HG_Sesswanna> His death is a shocking blow to this club, and I cannot begin to imagine the loss his family is sharing.
<HG_Sesswanna> My condolences to all of Ryan's family and friends.
* HG_Sesswanna returns to his seat.
<Lord-Kadann> -- The Holonet console flicks on and a life sized image of Rear Admiral Sithspawn appears, and steps towards the podium. --
<Holonet> <RA_Sythspawn> Fleet Admiral Atrus......friend, comrade, commander. There has never been a better man I've known than Ryan. 
<Holonet> <RA_Sythspawn> In spite of everything Atrus had been through, he overcame.....everything just seemed to make him stronger. Perhaps it was that which fueled his drive to bring us to a new standard of excellence. 
<Holonet> <RA_Sythspawn> I am honored to have had the pleasure of serving under such an officer, whom I could also call a friend. I pledge that we shall track down the scum responsible for his death and bring them to Imperial Justice.
<Holonet> <RA_Sythspawn> Atrux *Nix Hexum, PMRN, Ryan Nunnally, you shall be sorely missed by all. Rest in Peace, friend.
<Lord-Kadann> -- A single tear slides down Sythspawn's cheek as the Holonet image fades away........ --
* COL_DJK_CE_Talon|RA[L]_CE_Claw steps forward and gives a respectful bow to the Dark Jedi Master
<COL_DJK_CE_Talon|RA[L]_CE_Claw> Out of respect for a friend, Master, and CO please spend a moment in silence reflecting on your memories of Atrus.
<COL_DJK_CE_Talon|RA[L]_CE_Claw> Thank you. That is all.
* COL_DJK_CE_Talon|RA[L]_CE_Claw pulls the hood to his cloak back over his head and fades back into the shadows without a sound.
* CPT_DJK_Japer_TRN_Emon gets out of his seat and bows to Atrus
<CPT_DJK_Japer_TRN_Emon> When I first joined the VEDJ, I didnt thik I I ever had a chance of passing any of the tests
<CPT_DJK_Japer_TRN_Emon> I asked Atrus about for some help and he was always ready to help out a young dark jedi or a pilot or just someone new in the channel
<CPT_DJK_Japer_TRN_Emon> Then once I finally got through my tests I told him that I would probley fail my saber test and he told me just to try and think of how anyone would make a saber and just write
<CPT_DJK_Japer_TRN_Emon> he was the first one to congradulate me when I became a Dark Jedi
* CPT_DJK_Japer_TRN_Emon gives a final salute to his Grand Master and walks back to his seat with a tear in his eye
* `1LT_Cosmic gets up and walks down the isle
* `1LT_Cosmic salutes Atrus as he gets to the podium and walks up to the podium
<`1LT_Cosmic> I have known Atrus since I joined the VE, but talking with him one-to-one just came up about a month ago
<`1LT_Cosmic> I realized that he wasn't just another member of this great club, he was the heart and soul of it.
<`1LT_Cosmic> I have made several poems and posted them on ComNet but I would like to share this one personally with you all.
* `1LT_Cosmic pauses
<`1LT_Cosmic> This is called: The Feeling of Command - Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
<`1LT_Cosmic> The feeling of Commanding is unlike anything else in the world. The feeling that I am in Command is a feeling that not all people are granted. 
<`1LT_Cosmic> Being in Command for the first time is really astounding. You're feelings are swirled.
<`1LT_Cosmic> It's a big job...a big responsibility that is demanded.
<`1LT_Cosmic> The feeling of giving orders, or just simply answering a question that a trooper has, is very inspiring for all who are given the honor to do so.
<`1LT_Cosmic> Having your rank on your shoulders instead of on the side of your arm is: Great.
<`1LT_Cosmic> Battling across rocky terrain, waterry planets or heavy snow.
<`1LT_Cosmic> Having to try and stay warm in a field or giving commands to a computer to improve the shields...or compensate is the best feeling in the world.
<`1LT_Cosmic> The Feeling of Command....."Command"...maybe it's the word.
<`1LT_Cosmic> Commanding a Squad, Platoon, or more is Life in the Army.
<`1LT_Cosmic> For a lot of troopers, Command is just something to look forward too, but it sure does good for you in a ceromony.
<`1LT_Cosmic> Praising your troops as they come back, victorious from battle...
<`1LT_Cosmic> Having one-to-one chats with the troops is not something that you can do everyday.
<`1LT_Cosmic> You can't treat your troopers as dirt...a good Commander is decent, discplined, and doesn't treat their troopers as cattle...but respects them.
<`1LT_Cosmic> Sure Commanding is the best way to gain discipline and leadership...but it's also something to use when you want to get your feelings away...
<`1LT_Cosmic> Atrus had that Feeling, there is no doubt.
<`1LT_Cosmic> He made his troopers respect him and respect other officers...he tolerated no 'pouts'.
<`1LT_Cosmic> He tought them how to be great pilots and soldiers, he tought them discipline and might...But best of all, he tought them that the Rebel Alliance was wrong! And that the Imperials are always Right.
<`1LT_Cosmic> The Vast Empire was so fortunate to have a man like him on Duty.
<`1LT_Cosmic> A leader and good friend was he to all of us who knew him...even for such a short time.
<`1LT_Cosmic> But even know his life ended in such a tragic accident...his Legacy will live on. We know that in all of our eyes's he's gone: Above and Beyond the Call of Duty.
* `1LT_Cosmic pauses once before
* `1LT_Cosmic gives one final salute to Atrus then walks down the podium and down the isle to where his seat is
* CPL_Epium looks around at the people
<CPL_Epium> I don't really know what to say, but this I know, Atrus was a very great person, I didn't get a chance to get to know him really good, but I knew him, he was very quick of wit, a very good leader, and a good friend. 
* CPL_Epium pauses for a moment
<CPL_Epium> So in honor of him, I would like to retire his quit message. This is his final exit, we will miss you Atrus. ***Atrus has quit IRC (Quit: This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time | | Without love, earth is a tomb | || || - In Tyler We Trust)
* CPL_Epium salutes Atrus and walks away
* Drac stands at the podium
<Drac> While I was not fortunate enough to have served with Atrus
<Drac> I was lucky to be able to call him my friend
<Drac> I think I speak for us all when I say Atrus, you were a good man
<Drac> you shall be missed greatly
<Drac> and thank you for the time you gave us all
* Drac bows in respect to Atrus' body
* Drac steps down
* Lord-Kadann steps forward
* Lord-Kadann looks around the room at all the members in formation
* Lord-Kadann nods toward Silver Fox
<`S-Fox`> Thank you.
<`S-Fox`> I wish to address you not as a Star Viper in the Star Wars universe, but as a real life person.
<`S-Fox`> My name is David. I unfortunately do not have the privilege of being able to claim Atrus as a Friend, as I hardly knew him.
<`S-Fox`> My experience with him was limited to working together on a few pictures he needed for a website, and occasional chatting in this channel.
<`S-Fox`> I regret that I was not able to know Atrus better, now moreso as I'll never have the chance to know him at all.
<`S-Fox`> I simply wish to advance a few words to reflect upon:
<`S-Fox`> Why is it that the greatness of a man is only truly recognized when it's too late?
<`S-Fox`> I don't know if anyone ever told Atrus everything we are praising him for now, but I hope that, wherever he is now, he can hear us.
<`S-Fox`> I believe that I speak for the whole of the Star Vipers when I extend my sorrow to Atrus's friends and family.
* `S-Fox` gives a final salute to Atrus
<`S-Fox`> That is all. Thank you.
<Lord-Kadann> I would like to thank all of you for coming out today
<Lord-Kadann> There is one more person who would like to say something
* Apprentice_Tylen_Jaap walks down the hall with the massive ammounts of troops on both sides, and bows before atrus
<Apprentice_Tylen_Jaap> My Master...You have been more then a teacher to me...You have been a father...someone I could also talk to, to go to when problems accure. To that, I thank you
<Apprentice_Tylen_Jaap> Your death has devistated me, but I see this as a great test, one that will take many years of hard work to get over and accomplish
<Apprentice_Tylen_Jaap> But with your strength inside me now, I can...we can...achieve a greater strength...Let the force be with you... 
<Apprentice_Tylen_Jaap> -OOC- Tyler, I will never forget the very long nights we talked together on IRC, about old friends and the new. The troubles we have come accross, and helping each other get through them. I will never forget your advise you have given me. I don't regret anything, but for not talking to you longer. So long dear friend...may you rest in peace...
<Apprentice_Tylen_Jaap> thanks my friend
* Apprentice_Tylen_Jaap bows once more and backs away
* Lord-Kadann bows to Atrus's body
<Lord-Kadann> Thank you all
* HG_Crysus salutes.