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Vast Empire
Interviewer:  First off, where do you live?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I live in the southeast United States, but that is very soon to change.

Interviewer:  What is your favorite Star Wars flick, game, and novel
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  My favorite Star Wars movie would have to be Return of the Jedi. I loved the Battle of Endor, both space and ground parts, and being the Dark Jedi that I am, I also liked the lightsabre battles on the Death Star. My favorite game would have to be Jedi Knight, its really fun, and I'm highly anticipating Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II for this fall. My fav book would have to be "I, Jedi" by Michael Stackpole. It is very intresting and really goes in-depth into the usage of the Force and one finding oneself's place in the Force.

Interviewer:  What is the name of your character in the Vast Empire? What is his/her rank and position?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  The name of my character is Atrus 'Nix' Hexum, and in the Army I am known as Ghen 'Grassroots' Sexton. My ranks and positions include Fleet Admiral and Naval Commander in Chief; Dark Jedi Master, Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Order, and Sect Lord of the Elite Griffen Sect; High Colonel and Advisor to the Army.

Interviewer:  How and when did you become a member of the Vast Empire?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I originally became a member of the Vast Empire due to retired Fleet Admiral Niksavel. He has been a great influence upon my online club life. I first met him in the Emperor's Hammer.

Interviewer:  What prior positions did you hold in the Vast Empire before you were given the one which you currently occupy?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  NAVY - Naval Commander in Chief, Naval Executive Officer, Flight Officer, Tactical Officer, Training Officer, Flotilla Commander, Ship Captain, Wing Commander, Squadron Commander, Flight Leader and Flight Member. VEDJ - Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, Dark Lord of the Sith, Sect Lord, Cult Leader and Cult Member. ARMY - Detachment Commander, Commander of Security, Squad Leader and Squad Member.

Interviewer:  What are the duties of your current position?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  My duties in both the Navy and the Dark Jedi Order are to just basically run the divisions, and do anything that is need to keep them maintained. The ones I enjoy most are implementing new ideas. The ones I dislike most wound probally be all the paperwork, it is the most boring.

Interviewer:  If you were given the option to occupy any position in the Vast Empire, other than the one you hold currently, which one would it be?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I would probably hold Flight Member, Trooper or Sect Member. Just because it is really a carefree position where all you really have to worry about is participating and having fun. :-)

Interviewer:  How many various individuals have you served under during your service in the Vast Empire? What were their names? What were they like?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  The most helpful personally and influential club members that I've served under have probally included the likes of Majere, Kadann, Threeof4, Niksavel, and Reinthaler.

Interviewer:  What are your fondest club memories during your time in the Vast Empire?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  My fondest memories included being Tactical Officer in the Navy under Niksavel and all my time in Dark Jedi Order including the training. I love the VEDJ. It is a lot of fun. Especially the fiction writing part. It would have to be my favorite division.

Interviewer:  From a pessimistic point of view, on what path do you see the Vast Empire taking in the next few months?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I think that the Vast Empire is in a "rut" right now, but I think we will get out of it soon. Membership is already picking up, and I feel that with the upcoming new Star Wars games that more members will join also to have a chance to play those games with other Star Wars fans.

Interviewer:  Do you have an optimistic outlook for the future of our collective?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I hope to see more communication going between all the members and just basically more activity and envolvement. I also want to see everyone having more fun and playing more games, `cuz hey, that's what we're about, right?

Interviewer:  Out of all the Star Wars-oriented games currently in development, which do you look forward to playing the most?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I'm looking forward to both Jedi Outcast: Jedi Knight II and Galactic Battlegrounds most. I love FPS [First Person Shooters] and RTS [Real Time Strategy] games. The Army and Dark Jedi Order will play JK2, and all three will play Galactic Battlegrounds I think, because of the strategy aspect of it.

Interviewer:  What is your opinion of the film, "The Phantom Menace"?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I found "The Phantom Menace" to be a disappointment. I think LucasArts focused too much on making it "look purdy" and not enough on the actual plot of it. It was an O.K. movie, but not all that it was hyped up to be. I wish it would have concentrated on some more lightsabre battles.

Interviewer:  Do you believe any drastic changes to the club plotline will be made in the near future?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  No, I don't think any drastic changes will be done to the plotline of the Vast Empire plotline. Mainly because the time era that we are set in currently is around the time Thrawn was around (5 years after Battle of Endor).

Interviewer:  What is your frank opinion on the controversial development of close amities between club members in the Vast Empire?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I think it is alright to have "romantic relationships" amongst club members as long as you do not publicly and graphically display your affection, because most members in the chat room don't want to read about that. Personally, I don't see a point in online relationships anyway. I am in love, but not with anyone online, I have a lovely young fiancee currently.

Interviewer:  Do you have any special advice for the new members of the Vast Empire?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  Get noticed by the upper echelon and basically have fun. That is what we are here for -- to have fun.

Interviewer:  Do you have a favorite quote or motto?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I like quotes a lot, and know quite a few, so it'd be hard to choose one single favorite. Here is one I like though - "Everything expressed truly from your heart and soul is as pure as gold in the minds of anyone who listens."

Interviewer:  And, last but not least, what did you have for breaskfast?
Fleet Admiral Atrus:  I don't eat breakfast. I never have enough time to after I wake up.